"I believe that the most prominent social class of all is that of an intelligent, open, and creative mind."

- Alexis Webber-

Founder / Owner 

Reserve Cigar Company is a private label premium cigar brand based in Atlanta, GA, and our mission is to revolutionize the industry by bridging the gap between the modern and the traditional smoker. We aim to provide customers with exemplary service and products to keep them coming back for more. 

“I started this company with hopes of sparking a new sense of unity, not only in regards to social status, but also with race and gender. I've witnessed the cigar industry open its arms in a manner that we've never seen before. There used to be so many misnomers attached to cigar lifestyle, and as a female smoker, I'm seeing women enter the industry at an all time high." 

Reserve Cigar Company's ultimate goal is to create an never ending experience, and help expand the palettes of the inexperienced smokers as well as cater to the aficionado.

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