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We're open to work with people from all walks of life. Whether a sales pro, cigar enthusiast, or simply a socialite looking to ern some extra cash; Reserve Cigar Company is looking to work with you! There are no minimum time requirements or sales experience required. 

This is commission-only, but the great news is that your commission checks will continue to flow in from the repeat sales of your existing clientele. Even if you only think you can land one or two accounts then we welcome you to join us and start earning a commission on every sale that customer makes - regardless of your participation after the initial introduction! You may opt to service your existing clients (as this helps to build a fruitful relationship and ensure the continuous business of the client!)


Should you opt not to service existing clients,  you'll increase your time and opportunity to land new accounts while we handle your past clients - and yet you still make a commission on all of their future sales even though you don't have to handle them yourself. It benefits both you, as well as us if we open up your time to bring in new clients instead of servicing existing ones. 

Rest assured, we make  the process extremely simple. RCC will provide all of the training materials you need, give you all of the documentation you need, your own business cards, and all of the necessary guides and documents you will need to land prospective customers. We even provide you with a few templates to help you get comfortable with sales introductions.

You make the contact, make the sale and you make a commission from every sale that customer ever makes! 

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